Hommlet lies in a wide, lush swath of farmland nestled between the rugged Kron Hills and dense, tangled Gnarley Forest.

The village is a crossroads: one road winds west through the Kron hills, to the mining settlements of the Lortmil Mountains; another leads south, into the verdant orchards and delicate architecture that dot the elven kingdom of Celene; to the east, a third road meanders through local farmlands and crosses Imeryd’s Run (a tributary of the Velverdyva River) before passing into the Gnarley Forest toward the shores of the Lake of Unknown Depths; the final road, stretching northward, leads through the fields and farmlands of Emridy Meadows to the city of Verbobonc.

Several great nations surround the vale in which Hommlet resides. In addition to the Viscounty of Verbobonc, the kingdoms of Furyondy and Celene, and the Archclericy of Veluna all have borders within one week’s ride of Hommlet. Hommlet owes fealty to Verbobonc, though the provincial leaders rarely interfere in the village’s affairs.

East of the Gnarley Forest, the Wild Coast is a region plagued by evil humanoids, as well as slavers called the Scarlet Brotherhood. To the north, beyond Furyondy and Veluna, are the dark and deadly lands of Dorakaa, ruled by Iuz and the Horned Society. Far to the south, beyond the borders and forests of Celene, are the arid hills and desolate wastes of the orc-ruled nation of Pomarj.

More than a decade ago, Hommlet fell under the shadow of the Temple of Elemental Evil as legions of evil humanoids gathered in the forest to the east. The horde included human brigands, orcs, gnolls, ogres, and other monsters in the service of a powerful demon called Zuggtmoy. It took the combined might of several armies to defeat the evil legion and end Zuggtmoy’s machinations. The temple itself, once a thriving fortress, stands in ruins as a crumbling reminder of the past.

Following the defeat of the Temple of Elemental Evil, Hommlet became a popular destination for those seeking wealth and fortune. Would-be heroes sought monsters to slay and treasures left by the servants of evil. Within a few years, however, peace returned to the tiny village and life returned to normal.

Recently, however, trouble is stirring in Hommlet again. Bandits ride the roads around the town, evil creatures have been glimpsed lurking in the forest and hills, and prominent figures have gone missing without a trace.


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