Human Wizard, Reeve of Hommlet


Burne is entering the later years of his life, once-dark beard and hair now mostly gray.
His girth has grown considerably thanks to a life of luxury, which he hides beneath loose, heavy red robes.
The scent of wizardly spell components — fragrant herbs mixed with acrid stench — follows him everywhere.


In the ten years since the Battle of Emridy Meadows, the once-legendary wizard Burne has become a shadow of his former self. While still quite knowledgable in many esoteric subjects, his magical aptitude has declined. Today, the simplest ritual can often seem beyond Burne’s grasp.
Nonetheless, Burne was named Reeve of Hommlet by the Lords of Verbobonc. He spends his time concerned with politics and taxes these days, with his mute warrior friend Rufus always at his heel to keep dissenters at bay.


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