Furnok's Dagger of Venom

A simple dagger with a snake head-shaped pommel

weapon (melee)

Dagger of Venom: This +1 dagger has a pommel fashioned into the likeness of a venomous snake. Whenever the wielder achieves a critical hit on an attack roll against an enemy, the target must immediately make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw. On a failed saving throw, the creature grants advantage to all attackers for 1d4 rounds.


The notorious gambler Furnok was a grifter, rambling from town to town and cheating the citizens of their money. When Bittersworth Hopkins caught up with the con man, who had cheated his cousin out of his life savings, the halfling exposed Furnok as the fraud he was. During the ensuing mob violence, “Bits” managed to steal the villain’s dagger — a relic which was rumored to be enchanted.

Furnok's Dagger of Venom

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