Human Wizard


Emaciated and pale-skinned, Falrinth bears the classic look of an evil wizard.
Stringy, pale hair hangs in his face and partly obscures intelligent, ice blue eyes.
He wears little clothing, preferring freedom of movement.
This lack of clothing allows a glimpse of the wizard’s many body piercings and tattoos.


Our heroes met Falrinth for the first time as a prisoner in the dungeon of Burne Blackstaff’s tower, where he had been confined after attempting a necromantic ritual in the graveyard north of Hommlet.
From the moment he laid eyes on Falrinth, Selinar suspected more to the evil wizard’s motivations — his capture and imprisonment seemed too easy and the villain seemed too calm.
Selinar’s suspicion proved correct when Burne and his majordomo were found unconscious, stung by the tail of Falrinth’s imp familiar. Further investigation revealed that the evil wizard escaped with a singular garnet, piece of a magical artifact called the Orb of Golden Death, which had been entrusted to Burne for protection since the fall of the Temple of Elemental Evil.


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