Calmert the Traitor


Calmert is a young priest, visibly frail of body.
He keeps his black hair short and neatly trimmed, and is clean shaven.
The simple, gray vestments of Cuthbert garb his body.


Calmert posed as an acolyte in the church of Saint Cuthbert, befriending the community of Hommlet and earning their trust as a man of the cloth.
In truth, Calmert was an agent of the evil forces that currently stir in the Temple of Elemental Evil’s ruins. Under the direction of Lareth the Beautiful, Calmert acted as assassin and poisoned Father Tershon, head priest of the local Cuthbertine church.
When Lareth the Beautiful was defeated, Calmert’s treachery was revealed. The heroes confronted him and were forced into battle against the evil young priest and his guardians: a pair of constructs called caryatid columns that appeared in the form of mace-wielding angels.
Brother Calmert’s guardians were destroyed and the traitor was defeated, thwarting his plan to kill Father Tershon.

Calmert the Traitor

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